Uzi Swat Case, Camouflage, Embroidery UZI Brown Logo



  • UZI Carbine
  • Mini UZI
  • Three 25 or 32 round magazines

Customized UZI carrying cases manufactured by US Ordnance & Ammunition.

Embroidered UZI brown logo. Has 0.75 in. of padding on each side.
Interior is Cordura 1000. #10 Heavy-duty zipper.

The UZI swat case contains a separate sleeve for the 12 in. barrel or the 16 in. barrel handy exterior pocket for three 25 or 30 round magazines. Alternate snap fasteners are also provided for quick snap-release opening.

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UZI SWAT CASE Camouflage Embroidered Brown Uzi Logo

The Uzi Swat Case is designed to carry the traditional 12 inches short barrel full Uzi SMG with or without the suppressor and the and the 16 inches long barrel Uzi Carbine. It is also designed to carry the IMI/IWI Mini Uzi, the Vector Arms full size Uzi Pistol and the Vector Arms Mini Uzi Pistol.


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