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Review for Uzicase

Ordered a case and paid via Paypal, which was immediately charged. Got an order confirmation email but no product after a month!! I emailed three times with absolutely no reply. I currently have an open case with Paypal for a full refund. DO NOT ORDER!

Review for UZI CASE

Ordered and never received. They do not answer phones or emails.

Review for Uzi case

Unfortunately, this is not a real product, the contact info is invalid and product does not get sent out

Review for Uzi Case

There are typically only 2 times that I leave feedback and that’s when a product/experience is terrible or when it’s great. Because most of the time, a product is ok and it generally meets what you desired. So, for the Uzi Case that I ordered 1. Uzi Case – Wow! Extremely high quality and careful attention to detail. GREATLY exceeded my expectations. 2. Customer Care – Mike Levy is fantastic to deal with. He knows he’s got a great product and he matches it with quick follow-up and quick shipping. Mike – I wish you made more products because I trust you and would buy them.

Review for UZI bag

Great Service had the bag in no time and when i received it it was done with such Quality Unbelievable I recommend his Product Highly Thanks Again Mike

Review for Uzi Carbine Case

I purchased the case for the Standard Uzi Carbine and am impressed with the quality of the case. It has the look of an original 1980’s version but I would thing the quality is superior. It is nice that the case in American made where it could have been made overseas cheaper and with a better profit margin. I was also impressed that the owner of the company called me to make sure I was happy with my case. I cannot think of a single company that I have ever dealt with that offers better service. If you are on the fence debating whether you need or want a case from this company, you will be glad you did order one.

Review for UZI Case for Full Auto

I have had a full auto UZI for a long time and had the old original green case it came in but I saw a nicer version on Gunbroker. It was designed perfectly for my weapon or any UZI with a short barrel. So I had to have it and it will last me the rest of my life with the quality it is made. I’m thinking about getting another size for my two Invasion USA (Chuck Norris Movie) twin UZI pistol setup I have. Great customer service thanks Mike! Thanks a lot!

Review for UZI case

I bought this case earlier this month. I originally ordered the Navy Blue with Gold lettering. About an hour or so later, I get a call from the owner, Mike, explaining that he doesn’t have a case like the one I ordered in stock. And we ended up talking about UZI’s for about an hour! In short I agreed to a Black case with Silver lettering on it, and couldn’t be happier. This case is extremely well made. And to top it off, it got here 1 day before I departed for Knob Creek! Mike will get you taken care of that’s for sure, and you won’t be disappointed at the case once it arrives. I think I’ll order another case for my SBR’d UZI here soon. Thanks Mike, and keep up the excellent work!

Review for H&K Case

Very high quality, well made cases. I have purchased four of them over the last few months. Mike is a very easy person to work with and follows up on his sales.

Review for Uzi case

I was a little skeptical about buying this case because it was very expensive. My friend had one and said it was a great buy so I ordered one and I’m so glad I did! The quality of this case is incomparable to any other! Mike made this case with intention of it lasting a lifetime and IT WILL!

Review for Uzi STD Case

As advertised, well made., and nice looking.

Review for Uzi Standard Case

April 2019 purchase. Impressive build quality, fit, and function. Good communication from the seller and super fast shipping. A+.

Review for Embroidered UZI Rifle case

What makes the case special: extensive padding, top quality stitching, heavy-duty zippers, accessory loops. I think the case is such quality that it might out last the UZI SBR. Working with Mike was a bonus he is very focused on customer service and delivery was quick.

Review for UZI SWAT Case

My wife purchased a black embroidered SWAT case for my Mini UZI SBR. I’m extremely happy with the case. Very high quality and it fits my Mini perfectly.

Review for Uzi Case

I received my new case yesterday and am delighted about the quality of the case. I just decided to purchase another Uzi, and ordered another case!


Truly a high quality product. The craftsmanship of the HK case I purchased easily surpasses other rifle cases that I have purchased in the past. Mike Levy is definitely proud of the cases and contacted me to verify it’s arrival. If shopping around for a new firearm case, do your research of other companies. However, you will still end up back at for your final purchase!


I talked to Mike Levy prior to purchasing my UZI case to ensure I was purchasing the correct case for a 1983 UZI carbine A. He was extremely helpful and we shared some personal stories of our military experiences. The case, which I received from California in three days, is perfect. I ordered the embroidered case and it is beautiful. Thanks Mike for a great case, fast shipping, and your help in selecting the case I needed.

Review for Uzi CAse

I bout this case for my Model A Uzi 9mm Carbine, it is absolutely a must have for any Uzi owner. I will soon purchase a case for my .22lr Uzi. Great case for great firearms.

Review for Uzi case & H&K case

I originally bought the Uzi case and was so impressed with the quality and design I purchased one for my H&K also. Not only an outstanding and unique product that you will find nowhere else but the customer service , communication and follow up after the sale was excellent. I highly recommend theses cases if you want the best for protecting and carrying your high end firearms.

Review for Blue Embroidered Uzi Case

The quality is outstanding! Worth every cent! It’s a big upgrade and enhancement to my mini Uzi. Service was very fast, and Mike was a pleasure to talk to.

Review for HK MP5 case

I ordered a case for my MP5 pistol. Received the case very quickly. Quality was very impressive. Mike followed up with me to make sure I had received the package and that I was satisfied with the quality. The case is constructed of heavy duty materials and the assembly is flawless. Even the HK logo on the side is impressive. The lifetime warranty gives testament to Mike’s confidence in his product (although I doubt I’ll ever need it). I would certainly recommend to a friend.

Review for UZI SWAT Case and UZI Standard Case

I just received the UZI SWAT Case and the UZI Standard Case that I ordered. Shipping was very fast! Communication with UZI Case was great! Now onto the cases, both are of excellent quality and worth the price! Nicer than the originals I owned 25+ years ago!

Review for Uzi Standard Case

I recently purchased an Uzi pistol and wanted to give it a nice place to rest when not being fired. I came across this case on GunBroker and it was exactly what I was looking for! When it arrived I was blown away with the quality of this bag! With all the Chinese knock off bags out there, it was so nice to acquire a QUALITY bag made here in America! In my opinion, this is the bag to buy for your Uzi pistol!

Review for Uzi Blue Embroidered Case

Received the Blue Uzi Embroidered Case a few days ago. All I can say is that the color, quality, strength and padding are exceptional. Very well made. Contacted Mike several times and when it comes to support for his products he is front and center.

Review for Blue Uzi embroidered case

Received my blue Uzi embroidered case last week. Exceeded my expectations. Beautiful and very well made. I love the color! Enjoyed talking with Mike.

Review for Uzi case

I have bought Uzi cases from this fine gentleman over the years. His customer service and the quality of his products are second to none.

Review for UZI SWAT CASE

If you are looking for a case for your 16 inch barrel UZI, the long case is an excellent choice. The craftsmanship is extremely well, padding thick, good zipper. I f you have UZI smg or a SBR UZI then the swat case is the best choice. It has three snaps that allow quick access. Case was built to last. I would recommend these cases highly and I thank Mike for all his help.

Review for Uzi case for carbine

Very solid well made case. Zipper was biggest weakness on the original and the one on this new case is very heavy duty. Good craftsmanship all around on this case. Better then the original!

Review for 26 inch HK case

Perfect case for the HKSD The 26 inch case fits perfect for my HK Love the exterior Magazine holders

Review for Uzi embroidered case

Blown away by Mike’s case. Top quality product highly recommend this. Can’t wait to show it off. Mike is awesome too and will earn your trust and confidence. Every UZI deserves this case.

Review for . 22 uzi rifle case embroidered uzi gold logo

I recently received my Uzi case for my .22lr Uzi. I have to say that the quality and durability of the case are exceptional. This will outlast every other case I have. If you own an Uzi, this case is compact, well padded and well designed and with a perfect embroidered UZI logo on the outside. I highly recommend the product and Mike has been really helpful in arranging the shipping to the United Kingdom without incident. I’m already considering the H&K case now.

Review for UZI Standard and SWAT Cases

I received wonderful old school service from Mike who owns the Company. What I now have are two different cases which equal or exceed the quality of an original Action Arms factory case from years ago. It was a unique pleasure buying this equipment from someone who genuinely cares about customer service. Thank you.

Review for UZI Case

What a case with such quality, and the embroidery of the UZI is tops. I have never seen a case of this quality level and yes made in USA. I will be back.

Review for Std UZI case

Nice, well made case, just like the Action Arms case I had years ago. Very pleased with the case.

Review for Uzi swat case unmarked

I am very happy with my purchase of the Uzi swat case unmarked. I am housing a hk-Sp5k with a folding stock. Fits perfect!

Review for Uzi Swat Case

Received my case and I am very pleased! It’s well padded but of minimum dimensions. I hate cases that are to big for the gun. Nice job!



Review for Uzi Standard Gun Case

After purchase, I felt it an obvious necessity to obtain a quality, protective case to store and transport my new Uzi smg. After researching the market, I decided to purchase a case from When the case arrived, I immediately realized that I had made a wise decision; my case from is a superbly crafted item that does honor to my Uzi smg, a classic and historical weapon.

Review for Uzi Swat Case

I own several of MR. Levy\’s cases, dating back to when he made his original Uzi cases many, many years ago. They are simply the best available. If you own an Uzi and tote it to the shooting range in one of these Uzi cases, then you are both blessed and have unparalleled character. Uzi\’s are rare, treat it with respect and tote it with the honor it deserves – in Mr. Levy\’s Uzi soft case. Settle for nothing less.

Review for Full Size Uzi Case

I am truly impressed with how great these cases are. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are remarkable. I now own two Uzi Cases. For an original look I would go with the Navy. It looks awesome in person and pictures don’t do it justice. For a more modern look, go with the Black w/ Gold Lettering. You really can’t go wrong either way. Mike is a great guy that puts a lot of time and devotion into his product and it really shows. His customer service is great and he’s always willing to help. Thanks for the awesome experience and impressive product, Mike. Keep up the great work.

Review for UZI Case

The best case I own. Very well made. I would recommended this case to anyone. Hopefully they will make cases for other guns

Review for Uzi Black Leather SWAT case

Absolutely the best case! I feel very fortunate to have found one in black Leather. Mike is a true gentleman and patriot. You will not find a better product. You will not find a better seller.

Review for Uzi Case

The Uzi case is made of high quality materials and construction. Well worth the cost and customer service was excellent.

Review for Uzi Case

The Uzi case I received was well constructed and really classy. The details in the finishing of the case were very pleasing, great looking.

Review for Uzi Case

From the zipper to the construction of the case it’s first rate. It is worth the money.

Review for UZI case

I bought an UZI case and in a moment of weakness sold the UZI, but didn’t give up the case that now works for a Sten MK2/5 and an M11/9.

Review for Uzi case

I have purchased an Uzi case from this manufacturer. The quality is second to none and the product is very fine as described. The customer service is world class and the value is excellent. I highly recommend this company without reservation.