Review for UZI case
Review for UZI case

I bought an UZI case and in a moment of weakness sold the UZI, but didn’t give up the case that now works for a Sten MK2/5 and an M11/9.

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  1. Sam Avery 4 years ago

    Bought an Uzicase for my miniUzi. Very impressed, it looks amazing. If I made Uzis, this would be the case that I would want to ship with them. My HK53 has its own HKcase by Uzicase so that there is no jealousy in the safe.

  2. SFC Buckner, US Army, Ret. 4 years ago

    I’ve purchased Uzi cases from since their first model was introduced over 20 years ago for my Model A. Since that time, I’ve purchased three more. Their use of quality construction materials and methods, attention to detail during construction, and their superior Customer Service complements an equally well constructed weapon. If you own an Uzi, you need to own the only top quality case worthy of storing and transporting it.

  3. Glen 4 years ago

    Beautiful case… good price… great service
    I wish they made a smaller one for my micro mini Uzi pistol…